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We welcome you to the official webpage of the Department of Medicine of Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.TH).
On behalf of the Department, The President
Konstantinos Vadikolias, Professor of Neurology

The University was named after Democritus, the ancient Greek philosopher, who originated from the town of Abdera in Thrace. D.U.TH has been operating for over half a century; today it is classified among the biggest Greek Universities and it is dispersed throughout the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. D.U.TH Medical School was founded in 1977 in Alexandroupolis and operated for the first time the academic year 1984-1985. Despite the difficulties it faced due to its geographical position on the northeastern border of Greece, it presented great development.

Today, it provides a structured programme of study that corresponds to the current requirements of undergraduate education. Our efforts focus on all the necessary improvements in order to achieve the best for our students’ comprehensive knowledge with critical understanding, skills and synthetic thinking to equip them adequately for their medical scientific and professional career. It also organizes specialized postgraduate MSc and PhD Programs, participates in many international research projects and has achieved great numbers of scientific publications.

In parallel, University Clinics and Laboratories are established in the excellent infrastructure of the University General Hospital of Alexandroupolis and support high quality health services of different specialties to the population.

A crucial stated objective over time has always been the promotion of research and innovation. With continuous efforts the Department of Medicine has become an attracting pole for prestigious scientists from Greece and abroad. Today, collaborations with domestic and foreign research and academic institutions and participation in funded research and innovative Programs are constantly increasing.

University Clinics and Laboratories organize a significant number of scientific events every year, with great impact on both the scientific and the local community. At the same time, a significant contribution to the cultural and the intellectual life of the area has been established which ensures a valuable interaction with the community.

We invite you to join our website, to stay informed of the current activities and keep up with the latest news and announcements.

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